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Individuel and Couples Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy is for you who have decided that it time to change old patterns in your life and  you know that the change starts with you.

You may have all kinds of thoughts about your life, your relations, your upbringing and your partner, your children etc. 

If your thoughts are heavy and becoming a burden its time to share them with somebody? Do you have a close friend, you can share intimite issues with? Sometimes we do not feel comfortable with sharing our problems with close friends and here therapy can become your facilitator and helper. 

Why Emotion-Focused Therapy?

Emotions are important messengers in our lives as they are vital for living a happy and harmonious life.

Emotions are gathered through our experiences since childhood and if we do not understand what they try to tell us about our needs and longings, they tend to run our lives for us. The more they take over our lives without us understanding what is going on,  and the more we try to suppress them and don’t take notice - they can ruin our happiness and contentment. Suddenly we can find ourselves stressed out and highly aroused without understanding why.

Reach out to me and let me help you through problems and life crises. 

I so much look forward to hear from you and meet you.

Couples Therapy

I am also an emotion-focused couples therapist and I help coulpes to refind peace and joy in their relationship. I help you to look into the vicious cycle that has been developed between you and facilite you in finding out what is going on between you and what your partner's behaviour or actions triggers inside of you. 

When looking into your triggers and understanding what is going on next step is to help you break the vicious pattern and start talking form a more authentic and vulnerable place inside of you in order to get what you need from you partner in a healthy way. 

Once you start this work with you partner you'll find more empathy and joy and understanding for your partner and it has a positive influence on your children, if you have children. 

Children living in an atmosphere of strife and bad moods influences how well they thrive in their daily lives at school, in their sparetime and in your home. 

Take our relationship seriously and reach out for help. I so much look forward to helping you.  

My approach

In an atmosphere of empathy and warmth I will guide you to a better understanding of our emotions and feelings in order for you to experience your emotions as a new guide to a healthy and meaningful life.

I have a compassionate, non-judgemental and reflective approach to you and my focus is to listen to you and questioning the old narratives and patterns to help you to arrive at a better understanding of you and your relations with other people.

How do I use Emotion-Focused Therapy?

Through our work with your emotional experiences and looking into what is going on in your life right here and now I guide you to:

  • Become more aware of your emotions and feelings connected to specific experiences
  • I facilitate you in expressing the feelings which may be a very new experience for you to talk about and
  • I help you to regulate your emotions
  • I help you to reflect on the emotions and feelings that you have become aware of in order to be able to change an emotion with another emotion which again will help you to change or correct your old patterns and start using new ways to act.

The goal for Emotion-Focused Therapy?

  • Help you to challenge and disconnect from old, rigid emotions and to find new ways to take action
  • Help you to practice new awareness and take steps to new and meaningful ways of living
  • Help you with what is important in your life
  • Help you to understand your needs and how to meet them
  • Help you to live a more harmonious, satisfactory, peaceful and joyful life

I welcome you to my practice and I look forward to meet you and facilitate your way to a better life.

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